Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK 2.8.9 Infinte Candy And Coin

Name Larva Heroes: Battle League Larva Heroes: Battle League is the most famous version in the Larva Heroes: Battle League series of publisher tubaN
Publisher tubaN
Genre Action
Size 93 MB
Version 2.8.9
Update 2022/10/11
MOD Infinte Candy/Coin
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Android Android Action
3.9 ( 289 ratings )
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2.5/5 - (2 votes)

If you are interested in the addictive animated series “Larva”, now you can enjoy the addictive game “Larva Heroes: Lavangers”. Join our group as the curious insects embark on a heroic hunt for land invaders. Become the greatest caterpillar character you’ve ever imagined and join Team Lavender, the first addictive game of a caterpillar character. Enjoy the humorous and addictive gameplay of this great gentleman. game game Have fun and become a hero and save the planet with your friends.

Play the game and engage in exciting clashes with your opponents. To announce this news, Larva World of Excellence is launching its flagship product, Larva Hero. In this action game, players send bugs to attack their opponents. Players must fight powerful enemies and gradually discover new groups of strange worms. You have to open the door very quickly, because if there is no time, the caterpillar will die. Join your favorite characters from the popular animated series “Larva” for unique and refreshing action like never before. Learn more about the amazing Lirva Heroes: The Lavengers in our full review.

Larva Heroes: Battle League Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Different Challenges For Your in-game levels

Besides the mission to save New York, Larva Heroes: Ravengers Android players can access exciting game levels to make the game even more interesting. Have fun completing a variety of in-game tasks with unique gameplay and settings. Most importantly, the difficulty is slightly increased so that you can fully immerse yourself in the game without feeling too hard or too easy. You can start the game on easy mode and finish it on master level.


In this game you explore and conquer the ingenuity of the worm. With these little creatures, you can fight with precision across vast lands. More fun, news and new locations to unlock. Before starting anything complicated, you must first select the required set of lines. Challenges will be presented and you will discover fun hidden elements of the game. Players will discover new areas, and these rooms contain a variety of interesting objects waiting to be conquered.

Crazy and entertaining!

You deserve help when the going gets tough. Sausages are the caterpillar’s favorite food. Using this formula, you can imagine a samurai worm. The sausage comes out of the cloud by itself. It is against the lighting system of plants. Zombies are very similar to this. Both tower defense games are fun and interesting.

You can choose from many worms classified as archers, monks, knights, warriors and knights. Must be unlocked before use. On the other hand, the character Larva: Lavengers can cause more problems for players. Each level consists of 3 levels, each level representing 3 levels of difficulty. If you want to win, the boss usually appears at the end of the game. In addition to existing abilities, enemies have several special abilities, such as weakening enemies or healing teammates. Each opponent requires a different strategy.


Players can easily see that large enemies look like monsters trying to eat you. However, you will be supported by many smaller partners, and these strong alliances will help you overcome obstacles. You will see the evolution of the Worm Angel and the rapid increase in power. You should also get some real help from the caterpillar character as he will give you superhuman abilities. Monsters will appear and fight you from all sides. After rescuing your allies, split your army and fight to reclaim important areas. Shoot enemies with special weapons to get the highest score. If you are lucky enough to get a lot of points, you will be a happy bug with exciting progress.

various heroes and ancillary figures

In this regard, Larva Heroes: Ravengers for Android offers players an exciting gaming experience with unique and interesting characters. You can start the game by inviting any character from your favorite series, such as Yellow, Red, Super Yellow, Dark Night, Rainbow Warrior and Wizard Brown. Join the fight and take down your opponents with fun martial arts. In addition to your chosen character, you can also help yourself in the fight against your enemies with the help of your hero friends. Larva Heroes: Ravengers players can enjoy an addictive game with 10 resources. Use yellow, red, mask red, super yellow, ninja red and other colors to make your battles fun and exciting.

Thrilling motions and straightforward mechanics

Android players can enjoy the simple and addictive gameplay of Larva Heroes: Lavengers first. Enjoy the side-scrolling action using the character’s natural movements. Use your exciting talents and skills with slot machines. Gather and deploy your troops against invading enemies. Enjoy a simple but fun strategy game. You can also have fun with Lavengers by engaging in addictive activities.


Problems always come in waves, so always be prepared. This will come in handy when tunneling or backcountry to find treasure. However, to get to these places as quickly as possible, you must have a modern vehicle at your disposal. Also, the game always finds the code it needs to find the amazing treasure. Players should know that one of your missions is to build a big and living villa. So you have a place to live and a place to develop your skills. To attract others, you need to find important values ​​and develop your own strength. You will have to use all your skills to find the most expensive box of cookies. In this game you have to become a happy insect and create a world of caterpillars.

So the Caterpillar world of Caterpillar Heroes is always full of interesting and hidden features. The game has a new, modern style and teaches new lessons. Always get the latest features and updates. The most unique is that you have to fight the huge enemies set in the game and you can unlock many extra rooms.

Graphics and sound

The 2D recordings of Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK make it very fun to play. Horizontal writing makes the game simple and fun. The color design of the animated version is very close to the game. Both adults and children can enjoy it. The audio component is also interesting. The entire game is played with worms fighting with fists or swords.

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2.5/5 - (2 votes)

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